“The Unemployed Genius Crusade”

People won’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!

This crusade, movement and cause, is greatly needed by everyone, however, not everyone is going to choose to take part. I truly care about my community, your community, and the people within them. TUG, The Unemployed Genius is an untraditional way to work, however, extremely modern. Reason being, we leverage the availability of the resources that’s offered to us on the World Wide Web, Known as, the internet!

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The Journey For Change, Starts With a  Single Choice, “That I WILL!

We are sure that most people who have ever lived at one point in their life has thought, (What If?) You go ahead and fill in the (What If?) I truly know everyone’s (What If’s) are going to be different. Then they started to dream of the possibilities with this (What If?) They truly wanted to go after this dream, passion, and desire for this (What If) However, somewhere along the way they started to believe a lie, a lie that was told to them from others as well them self. That this dream of (What If) was just to big, because they just didn’t see how they were going to able to accomplish this. They believed they lacked the proper resources. So they never gave themselves permission to look into it any further. They settled for mediocrity, Rather then developing a way to go after and live their own dream, and desire.

Do you know anyone personally like this?

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