Signing Up For AIOP

Welcome, Congratulations on Your Decision to Be a Part of TUG, The Unemployed Genius Crusade & Movement:

How To Register For an AIOP Membership (Account):

First you would need a working bank or debit card that has your first and last name on it. Won’t matter if it’s your bank card or any other prepaid card. It has to have your name on it. If the card has no name on it, there most likely would be a chance it won’t go through.

If your card has your name on it, and it don’t go through, then please, don’t get bothered. This may happen time to time because AIOP, All In One Profits is operating from out of The Netherlands. “Most” banks may block your request of your card, because your card would have been used on an over seas purchase. Your bank dose this to protect you from fraud. When this happens, you would need to contact your bank or card holder to let them know, yes, you are wanting for them to accept that transition. (purchase)

Please recognize registering (signing up) with AIOP, All In One Profits is a process. This may take some time for some of you, because most people haven’t done, or is costumed to doing business from others companies over seas. Fair enough?

Be Sure To Check Your Registration Page For Your Inviter’s (Sponsor’s) Name: If the name don’t mach who invited you, Then please stop and contact that person who invited you. Be sure you are using their registration page. You are not able to change the person that invited you after you have joined. (Your Sponsor). Make sure the person you are joining with is the person you where meant to join. Your inviter would be able to guild you to which link and page to use. CLICK BANNER ABOVE TO BE TAKEN TO THE REGISTRATION PAGE:

This is how the registration page will look like below:

Read over the information from these photos below to see how the form will look. This way you will know what information you should have. When you are ready to join our crusade, just click on any of these photos to be taken to the registration page.

After registering you will come to a page which gives you the option of how you would pay for the subscription. You have a choice of paying for one month or for three months. There also is a box for those who may have a one month free code, if you were given a PIF, Pay It Forward Code from your inviter.

You will choose the option of MobilPay. This would allow you to use your Visa or Master Card. After you join AIOP, All In One Profits, you will receive your own AIOP portal website. Log in and hover over the Members Home Tab in the upper left hand corner. You would then see a drop down. Five tabs down it reads Payoneer. This is where you go to order your Payoneer bank card to be paid from AIOP, All In One Profits. It then can also be used to pay for your AIOP subscription. You can add your local bank account on there to send money from your Payoneer Card to your local bank. Have any question, contact the person who invited you.

SIDE NOTE: Payoneer and PAYEER are two different bank cards. PAYEER is not recommended for The USA