Become The You, You Want To Be!

TUG, The Unemployed Genius Crusade is a True Life Coaching, Personal Development / Management, video course series, way of conscious awareness. Where we together “work” to reposition our life and our future! That we may grow Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and YES, Even Financially!

It was Jim Rohn who taught me, Work harder on yourself than you work on your job! Working hard on your job will earn you a living. Working hard on yourself will earn you a fortune!

TUG, The Unemployed Genius Crusade is our own Brand “Model” We’ll show you how we leverage the resources of the World Wide Web, to benefit us, the users!

The true purpose for TUG would be, to provide an alternative/ solution to the underemployed or any person in need of a secondary or primary income stream! While having fun earning a nice passive and lucrative income, – We Call”Cash Flow”

Join In On The Crusade, It Pays to Reposition

We believe everyone has a true purpose in life. Extreme value to offer humanity, and humanity needs that contribution. “As to the person in which you truly are, or were meant to be”! Now please, take a moment and let that sink in. “We truly believe” it is possible for us to develop an improved version of ourselves. Whether it would be Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and YES, Even Financially! This my friend is about learning to leverage the laws and the resources that are legally there to help shape us!

Most people fail to be able to develop their true passion, they would have for themselves. Working a job just to earn a living. Not really able to get by! So, they get a second or third job. They burn themselves out working to have the dreams and visions they promised themselves. Sound like anyone you may know?

I learned “There Can Truly Be” a much beneficial way to create our income. (Cash Flow) By working on ourselves. Developing ourselves together to become that person we truly want to become. In all area’s of our life. “THIS IS POSSIBLE” For those who dare to believe and take action in our crusade and movement!

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If you find yourself in this situation, then seriously consider “Joining In” with us on our Crusade and Movement! Discover the new experience of “WORKING” To “HAVE A LIFE” rather than, working to earn a living!

We do this by consciously, and I mean consciously making a decision that would drastically change and benefit ourselves, through working on self – personal management of who we are, to who we want to become. We all could earn a nice lucrative income stream “IF” we commit to ourselves, to truly change what we are working for! Are you willing to STOP working to earn a living, to START working to have a real life? You know, The life you truly would love to have. It is possible, it truly is. This is what TUG is all about. Living Your Life, On Your Own Terms!

This is what we offer you. A true sincere way to help yourself Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and YES, Even Financially! Now you get to offering others the same chance in life as you just had. Together, Let’s, “Make a Difference”

Let’s connect, see how this could benefit you. It you have access to the internet (The World Wide Web) and are “Willing to Work On Yourself, as Well Share Our Crusade, So It Could Benefit You Financially” as well others, then you would be well on your way in receiving all the resources needed to help aid you in living your life, on your own terms! Get back with me with the information I can use to contact you. If it’s not for you, no worries. If you find out we are a good fit, then your life is about to change! I look forward in hearing from you. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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