Daun Whittaker-LCSW, DTH, CPRP, Author & Counselor:

Daun Whittaker is another one of my mentors from afar. The extreme value Daun brings with her work ethic, vision for herself, and her community can’t be denied, as she seems to stay focused on them all.

Daun Whittaker is the Founder and retired Executive Director of Victory Transformation, Inc. A local mission in Oswego, NY that helps people who are homeless or have critical needs get on their feet again through love, life skills, counseling and support.

Daun has dedicated her life to working with people in poverty and other vulnerable populations such as people with disabilities, mental health issues and victims of domestic violence.

Since 2009, Daun has been counseling in her private practice. She received her Master’s in Social Work from Syracuse University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is also a certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner and holds a Doctorate of Theology in Christian Counseling from Summit Bible College in Bakersfield California.

Daun is also an author of the amazing book “Change Your Mind and Change Your Life” Your Guild to Emotional Health and Fulfillment! I have already ordered mine and I am excited and can’t wait to get my hands on it. It’s sure to be a spectacular read. I was personally introduced to Daun back in 2020. She has become a real good friend. Daun has given me some very good advice over those few years, for I am not ashamed to share that I too am someone who battles with depression and anxiety. Sometimes life will put us through some difficult challenges. That don’t mean we can’t have “Victory” over them. I have learned, it’s not the challenges that make or break us, it’s how we manage those challenges. Our mindset, our vision, our attitude will be the keys to unlock the victory that is waiting for us!

Daun is also an avid cyclists who enjoys doing so with her husband Bill Whittaker. I have found that her heart takes her on many road trips doing cycling for charitable causes. Daun’s love to be able to help peoples needs goes without saying. I have found about Daun, if she feels capable in doing something for a true cause, she goes 110%. Her new book, “Change Your Mind and Change Your Life” Your Guild to Emotional Health and Fulfillment will be coming out in July of 2023. To refresh your mind and help reposition yourself, order her book today. It would only help bring more value into your life no matter who you are. Make it a nice gift for someone as well. With all this being said, you can reach or contact Daun Whittaker from the information below. Read her book and live a mind changing life!

Email: change@daunw.com Text: (315) 402-6908 (225 W First Street, Lower Level, Oswego, NY 13126)