It’s Possible, It Is Possible!

A community is only as great as we make it to be. I believe we can make a difference in any community we go through. That together it is possible. Positive change is a process that may take time. In that process we learn to develop patience and contentment. It’s done by showing genuine love to another regardless of circumstances.

It can be difficult to love the unloving. We need to do it anyway. We can be that light in someone’s dark moments. It’s a choice, not a feeling. We all have something to contribute to humanity just by being that person in which we are. Love is a choice. We never truly know what another is or has gone through. Listen, and show love. Sometimes we don’t need to say anything, just listen.

I believe we all were meant to serve one another. We serve as that person we truly are meant to be. Which is also a process. There WILL be people that tear you down. Mostly because of their own hurt from misfortunes they had experienced in life. We all have seen our own share of sorrows. Which we have again a choice on how we respond to it. Our response is also a choice. Will it make us bitter, or have us become better? Again, a choice. My friend,

I share this because we all want to be seen as having some kind of value. And we all do. Realize it is not what others say about you! It’s what you are saying about you! Either we can say one day, or we can say day one! We all can become a much better version of ourselves. Spiritually, Mentally, physically, and yes, even financially! It starts when we give ourselves permission to truly go after and develop ourselves into that person we want to become! Know that this is possible.

There isn’t any real secret to how this is done. The key is to make changes in how you may be doing things now. Reason being, if you were to keep doing as you are now, you’ll keep getting what you have always gotten. The GOLDEN KEY IS, we shift our mindset! The battlefield is in the mind, my friend. We need to renew our hearts and pour it into our mindset! It’s our heart that will set the tone to our actions.  The downside to this is, it won’t be easy. The upside will be, it will be worth it!

We are not alone in our misfortunes. We all have our own share as I said before. Some, much more than others. There will be some that would be glad that it is you and not them. However, they still have their own. This is the reason I say, show love anyway even in your own pain. This my friend would make the difference!

I hope I was able to speak into someone today! Never give up on yourself or your true dreams for who you can become. It can be  easier for someone to tear you down than it would for you to pull them up. Be careful. If you can’t have a positive effect on someone, don’t allow them to infect you. With this being said, I pray you would find the resources as well the right circle of people that would help in your repositioning of becoming that improved version of yourself. Have an extremely blessed day. Just a reminder. A day is what you make it to be. It’s about the choices we make!

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