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Online Promotional Tools & Services to Help Build Your Brand

We believe it’s important for us to share with you the same tools and services that we are personally using to promote ourselves online. To help bring online traffic and viewers to what it is we all have to offer. We didn’t want to just have a person come aboard with us without giving them a real and fair alternative way to help aid them in their financial success journey.

This would also allow that person a way to help those they also personally bring into TUG, The Unemployed Genius Crusade. With everyone using these services together, we would then be able to grow our own business in multiple ways. You would then experience the real power of leveraging and momentum!

Each one of these services are free to join and also have a paying upgrade if a person choices to. Each upgrade comes with an affiliate service that would pay us when others upgrade with their services. Which in return allows us to build multiple cash streams along our way. With everyone following suit in using each service or program, we would then be able to grow our financial wellness much sooner than later. Would this make sense?

Some of these affiliates pays us monthly residual income, as others would pay just a one time payment. Either way, for the very inexpensive low cost in using these services, it truly would only take a couple people to upgrade to break even.

These services are here for your benefit. It’s truly your choice if you choose to join and use any of these services. We use them and know their true benefits in helping anyone, no matter what kind of business a person may be doing.

Recognize, we are all here for the same purpose, to learn and educate ourselves in how to develop and grow ourselves personally as well financially. Each service would have their own instructions on how to use their services. It will be a learning experience for the most us. But that’s okay, it’s all a part of this success journey we are all on. So please, embrace what you now have in front of you. We are extremely sincere when we say, your success is truly our mission.


LeadsLeap is FREE TO JOIN and has many advertising features for us to use. However, their upgrade to PRO is only $27. monthly which allows us a very cutting edge auto-responder with other added marketing features. As a free member you can earn 25% commissions when those who joined you upgrade to PRO. After you have upgraded to PRO, you would then earn a 50% commissions for each Pro upgrade. In a nutshell, free members can earn $6.75 per upgraded membership to Pro, and $13.50 as a Pro Member when their free members upgrades to PRO. This added residual cash flow could make a huge difference to your financial wellness in multiple ways.


AdboardZ is FREE TO JOIN and offers a one time $20. upgrade that pays 50% when others upgrade with us. That’s a $10. one time commissions for each membership upgrade. Again, it’s the power of us leveraging the upgrade memberships that would benefit us. Just two people would have us break even. They have instructions inside after a person were to join. Each service above have their own support team if you were to need help.

Again, These services are here for us to use as we choose to. They are not a requirement. TUG, The Unemployed Genius Crusade offers these services and affiliates knowing they are an extremely low cost to have as services and affiliates, that could pay us handsomely as we use, share, and build momentum together. Part of our mission is to have you get yourselves out of any debts you may have, and not put you into one.

If you have any, and I mean any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am truly here to help those who are serious about repositioning themselves to live and have a much better quality of life.

Franklin McQuaid – (315) 591-8287 :EST e-mail-