In Honor to Our Veterans

We want to take time to honor and give extreme thanksgiving to our United States Veterans. They all have committed themselves to serve their country no matter the cost. Knowing that someday they would be called upon to give their ultimate sacrifice in battle and war to protect our nation’s interest and freedom. We all have loved ones that we know who gave all. Who never were able to come back home. Or if they did, it was with a US flag draped over a casket.

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And yet, there are ones who come home who will never be the same as they were when they left to battle. Whether it be mentally or with physical scars and dismemberment. Most all or our heroes come back not being able to live the kind of life they once visioned for themselves. Our nation truly doesn’t cater to the true needs of our veterans, as they truly have many needs after sacrificing themselves to serve for our country’s needs.

I would hope that we could be an alternative to at least help to aid and bring new hope, vision and new possibilities for our veterans. That somehow, they could pull together in using our platform, The Unemployed Genius Crusade with GreatLife WorldWide to help assist in restoring some of their needs and wants in life.

The true and real possibilities our crusade and movement could have for those willing to see what our true vision is. Which is to provide services and resources as well as a lucrative compensation to help any person’s needs and wants, only if they are willing to give themselves permission to become a pioneer to a new historical crusade and movement.

It’s a vision of ours to become a household name that would be known for truly caring about other people’s true needs. That we all could now use these services and compensation to reposition ourselves to live and have that life and future we once only could have dreamed of.

People helping and working with each other showing true love and compassion one for another. I truly hope and I’m praying for this day to come. That people’s minds eye would be open to a modern yet untraditional method, to learn and educate ourselves, while developing an ongoing cash flow.

Seriously consider, and I mean, seriously consider our offer here to become a pioneer with us. Let’s pull and work together to help one another for a common cause. To not be denied the life and future we all could truly have. Showing true patriotism to all. To live our lives without limits, on our own terms.

Wouldn’t you say it’s about time to become an Unemployed Genius living the Greatlife WorldWide. Let’s do this together, as we all pray for each other to live and have a real and true prosperous life and future! Let’s do it, and do it today!

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