Robert Berkley PC, PT, DPT: “Physical Therapist”

9 Bridie Square,
Oswego NY 13126
Phone : (315) 343-5095

I found a new team player in Robert Berkley. I first met Robert back in April 2018 when I feel about five feet off my front steps at home, I tore my left rotator cuff. I didn’t need surgery, however I did need physical therapy.

Being that I was a former Powerlifter, I knew I wanted someone I could trust. Recognizing Robert as being a former Powerlifter himself, I made a decision to go see him. And boy, am I glad I did. Not just Robert, but his whole staff totally impressed me! They truly understood my injury and how to address it.

Then I had a work related injury where I tore my right bicep cartilage. That one really screwed me up. My arm turned black. Something he hasn’t seen as being this bad before, because it is a rare tier. However, he heard what I had to say. He took control of the situation. He studied my MRI, X-Rays, and kept in touch with my orthopedic doctor and surgeon.

I would see Robert and his staff three time a week. As they worked with me I got to know the staff quite well. This one injury took me 14 weeks before I was able to go back to work. However, I still get fluid on my elbow and have to go see my orthopedic doctor to have it drained. That’s not really fun. That’s another story for another time.

I got to experience some of his modern technology as he used his laser technology a few weeks after I started going there. I truly can’t thank Robert enough for our new friendship. It’s just awesome to meet people who generally care about others. You can sense Robert’s passion for what he dose. He’s not one for chance and is very thorough with his diagnostic’s.

Just as I have with my orthopedic doctor and surgeon, I found a key player in a physical therapist in Robert Berkley. If for what ever reason you may feel you need help with some of your body aches, stiffness, or what have you. I would highly suggest contacting Robert’s office.

Even better yet, sit in on one of his free seminars. Follow him on Facebook. Do what ever it takes to get yourself back in to feeling the you can have yourself feel. No one likes pain and discomfort. You truly don’t need to suffer. Contact Robert and just see what he is capable of doing for you. I am sure you’ll be glad you did.

9 Bridie Square,
Oswego NY 13126
Phone : (315) 343-5095 > Email: