Leroy Collins

Leroy Collins Former NFL Player- Author of The Book, The Running Back – A True Story. From The Wheelchair To The NFL. Motivational Speaker

Leroy Collins Is Much More Than a Mentor From Afar, He’s a True Friend!

I first met Leroy Collins around 2006. He had a gym in the city of Fulton NY. I was an active powerlifter, coach and personal trainer at the time. I also worked in a local factory. Over the years Leroy and I would bump into each other from time to time. I started tending a church, Abundant Life in East Syracuse NY in February of 2017, where I then again ran into Leroy. I found he also attended this church. Ever since then are relationship and friendship started to grow as we share allot of the same values in life.

Franklin McQuaid and Leroy Collins

I never knew Leroy’s story, even though we were coming good friends. However, from that first day I met Leroy, as we talked in his gym, over by the Oswego river in Fulton NY. I believed in Leroy’s vision that he had set before himself, for his life and future. I then realized, Leroy was a visionary as I. We gave each other encouragement and words of wisdom. But little did Leroy know, he was becoming one of my mentors. He had me feeling good about many things. Sometimes people don’t realize the value they bring someone in conversation.

Leroy is also Co/ Founder of The Great Lakes Athletic Center with Guy King here in Volney, NY.

When Leroy had published his book, (The Running Back) and was promoting it, I contacted him and asked to meet, I wanted to pick up a copy of the book.

“Run Back To Your Dream”

After I started reading it, I found it hard to put down. I never knew of the things Leroy grow up with. His story had me in tiers, as well at time laughing. However, it was his heart, passion and zeal that captured me. The fight, and the none stop belief, that the dream and vision he had was possible!

Leroy keeps himself extremely busy with family, his church, as well a construction company to boot. You will also find Leroy helping out with the local youth football, basketball, and any other sport his young son’s are playing. As I have watched, listened, and learned by Leroy’s life living examples from afar, his mentor-ship was being displayed, as he was also helping in the grooming of the person I am turning out to be today! And he didn’t even realize that, Or did he? One never knows, just how by being who you were meant to be, would have such an impact on others, as it has for me! I support, endorse, and promote my friend, Leroy Collins. His message for others to not just to DREAM, But to live that Dream! An example he set to show, that is possible!

Running Back To Your DREAM!

It’s impossible for me to even explain how good a read Leroy’s book truly is. The value of his message is endless throughout the book, as he found himself facing some personal decision, during a rocky part of his path while going after his dream. Which then caused him to (Run Back To His Dream) Running Back! Consider His Book Today – Amazon – From The Wheel Chair to The NFL! – Leroy Collins! A Mentor, A Friend, and most of all, Same Blood!