CR-Celebrate Recovery

Everyone Could Benefit From Celebrate Recovery

The Unemployed Genius Crusade is committed to helping people achieve becoming the best version of themselves that they could become. A huge part to a person to achieve their quest in achieving whatever it may be, would need to face the true facts of overcoming and dealing with their life’s addictions or mental illnesses from depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol addiction, sex addiction (Porn),  procrastination, people pleasing, anger, hatred, or impulsive behaviors just to name a few. We believe in you. We know it is possible to truly deal with our addictions and mental health issues. This page is dedicated for us! Those wanting real help.

Whatever issues you may be dealing with, CR-Celebrate Recovery has a group near you. They are a safe haven christian organizational group that is there to help people as you and I to meet and get the support and know how for help to recover for whatever life’s battle we may be facing.  I am personally attending one near me every Thursday night. The first step to overcoming any of life’s challenges is admitting you need help. There is no shame. We all have made some bad choices in our life. Not getting help doesn’t need to be one of them.

Below are video of the twelve steps for Celebrate Recovery

CR Session 1: – DENIAL

CR Session 2: – POWERLESS

CR Lesson 3 – Hope

CR Lesson 4 – Sanity

CR Lesson 5 – Turn

CR Lesson 6 – Action

CR Session 7: – SPONSOR

CR Session 8: – MORAL

CR Session 9: – INVENTORY



CR Session 12: – CONFESS

CR Session 13: – ADMIT