“Focus On The Dream, Your Dream”

Most people are not living their life as they would like to. They have this vision for themselves wanting to live their life on their own terms. Doing the thing they would love to do. Yet have not figured out how to achieve this. Most people haven’t thought about the process that is required to achieving this vision they desire to achieve.

Most people struggle because of the lack the proper resources required to help achieve their dream, their vision. Maybe you can relate. The lack of money, time, education, experience, and know how, would be just a few. Sound familiar? So, what can be done to change this? How can we require the right resources needed to achieve our dreams, goals and desires for our self? Simple, change how it is we are doing things and how you look at opportunities. Can I speak frankly to you? I learned that most people lack the true belief that there are other alternatives they can use and leverage to truly help them achieve their vision.

The Largest Scam In USA History:

Our standard protocol in how we are to achieve our vision in life may be the real problem in us achieving it at all. Truthfully! A person shouldn’t have to work just to survive to make ends meet. We should be able to have a life and not merely exist. It truly shouldn’t have to be difficult for anyone to go after their true dreams, goals, and desires. We truly don’t need to settle and be denied that vision we have for our life. Finances don’t need to be an issue! “Seriously!”

Realize, everyone needs to have some kind of an income in order to be able to have anything. Wouldn’t you agree? It was Zig Ziglar where I heard, money may not be everything, however, it ranks right up there with oxygen, try to live without it! Society bought into a lie when it comes to earning an income. So much so that people go to a job everyday, if they have a job, just to get caught up in the largest camouflaged multi level marketing scam ever developed in USA history! YUP, It’s known as the job! Most people would be in denial that this is even the truth. It’s camouflaged and presented so well, most people don’t see it and are satisfied to just settle with a job, keeping their life just the way things are. At least we have a job and an income, right? All seems good until that day comes when they are not able to make it into work for what ever reason, and find they lost that days income, or two, or three. Now that was a hard blow to take, for most people! Have I hit a nerve yet? Can anyone relate to this?

Most people are unknowingly ignorant to the fact they have been lied to, and played right into the hands of the greedy industry known as Corporate America. It’s true and I am about to open people’s eyes to this fact. However, there are people in this so deep they will still stay in their denial. They were already infected with this protocol poison of how a person showed work, that they won’t give themselves permission to look at other options.

Allow me to illustrate this REAL multi level scam at the work place. I am sure most people can relate to this. However, some will just settle in their denial. Fair enough?

The Largest Multi Level Scam In USA History Explained

When a person is hired to go to work at a company they are offered a fixed hourly ware or salary known as a paycheck. (Linear Income) – Income can be either linear or residual, in this case, linear income refers to a job where you are paid either weekly, bi-weekly, or receive hourly wages. A linear income can be a job where you need to either clock in for every shift or be present in-office to physically receive your wages or income. We would then in reality be selling our time to be trained to do a task that would make someone else rich as we try to earn a living. Not really being able to focus on what we would really be wanting to do. However, we need to start somewhere, right? It’s a good stepping stone.

The company then encourages us to invite and recruit family and friends to come work at their company for the same fixed pay as we are getting. By the way, you won’t earn a penny more than you are now for recruiting these people you just brought into their company. This should be a RED FLAG, However, we settle.

Meanwhile, you may be getting paid somewhere between $15. to $25. dollars an hour for your service, skills, and valuable time. Unless your salary paid. However, still a fixed income. Are you with me so far? So everyone you had invited to come work along side you have also invited others they knew who needed an income to come work for this company. “Sound Familiar?

As we work the company WILL start adding additional task to your job and you WON”T see any additional pay for you accommodating them their demand. before you realize it, the will have added much more task for you to do without even THINKING of accommodating you for any of this. However, they may thank you for helping THEM out to meet a quota. This same quota just landed the people in the upper offices a real nice bonus added to their income while you received a generous Thank You For Your Work and Efforts!

Then as the company hit’s their numbers again, they request and require you to do so again so they can hit their bonus numbers throughout that year, many are rewarded for that with a full blown paid company trip with ALL expenses paid, (with their spouse) while you get to stay at the facility working to meet their next bonus and paid vacation for the following year!

Everyone in management gets rewarded extremely handsomely while you get the stress and anxiety that comes with the added work and task to meet a quota that you really aren’t going to be rewarded for fairly if even at all! Do you see the Multi- Level Scam going on here yet! Hmm. Some people are still going to be blind of this, and just settle.

This is one reason for our crusade and movement. To help aid people with an alternative solution with how we work and how we get paid! It’s a residual income cash flow that rewards everyone for their work and efforts to help in their personal growth and financial well being! The best part about this is, ANYONE can do it! I mean anyone who is capable and willing to do the work for themselves on themselves! Fair enough? Give us a serious look over. Seriously! We are here to help you to become an improved version of yourself. As so you can live your life on your own terms! Because you were meant for more, much more!