Believers Chapel Fulton

Head Pastor Colby Sutter & His Wife Johanna Sutter

A community is only as great as we make it! Believers Chapel has a very special pastor in Colby Shutter. He is also the author of several books, one which is titled, How to Build Community and Grow Relationships That Points The World to Jesus! Below are videos from our serveries. Seriously consider giving us a visit at 614 S 4Th St, Fulton New York 13069. Worship starts at 10:00am and services at 10:30am.

BCF-Believers Chapel Fulton-Head Pastor-Colby Sutter-Building Relationships

BCF-Believers Chapel Fulton-Head Pastor-Colby Sutter – Created with Purpose

BCF-Believers Chapel Fulton-Pastor Steve Crofoot- God has a Plan & Purpose for Your Life

BCF-Believers Chapel Fulton- Pastor Steve Crofoot | Limitless Wisdom

BCF-Believers Chapel Fulton- Deacon Chris Demars-Limitless Grace

BCF-Believers Chapel Fulton- Head Pastor Colby Sutter- BCF Vision & Mission

BCF-Believers Chapel fulton-Head Pastor Colby Sutter-Vision for 2024

BCF Believers Chapel Fulton-Deacon Chris Demars – Jesus: The Myth and the Man

BCF-Believers Chapel Fulton-Deacon Chris Demars- a Very Unique Message on Christmas Eve

BCF- Believers Chapel Fulton-Pastor Chris Demars -Get Thou Behind Me

BCF-Believers Chapel Fulton-Pastor Steve Crofoot -Fulfill God’s Purpose